RVC Read-a-thon 2019
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On Friday, May 10th, I will be participating in the first-ever Ross Valley Charter School Read-A-Thon! 


I will be reading as much as I can and raising money that will go toward supporting many of the things I love about my school, including art, music, Spanish, field trips, and more. 


I hope you can help by sponsoring me. 


Any donation amount is appreciated.  My personal goal is to raise at least $200.  Ross Valley Charter School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax ID: 47-1755679). Contributions may be considered tax deductible.  


Thank you for supporting me and my school!    




If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.


  • Sue (about a month ago)

    Good reading!

  • Jan (about a month ago)

    You go, girl! Reading is one of my FAVORITE things. There is so much to learn and enjoy.

  • Patricia (about a month ago)

    You go, girl! Have fun doing good.

  • Anonymous (about a month ago)

    Wonderful you!

  • Lynn (about a month ago)

    You go girl! What a sparkly light you are, doing what’s important to you and sharing that with others. Way to go!

  • Malcolm (about a month ago)

    Blessings to you and your Dad, two of our bright lights.

  • Anne (about a month ago)

    Love and blessing to you Aysia- you have a cool Dad

  • Christine (about a month ago)

    Great job! You are a powerful creator!!!

  • Joanne (about a month ago)

    May your efforts provide you and your schoolmates with many wonderful adventures - both in, and out of books.

  • Marien (about a month ago)

    May you and your school be blessed and a blessing.

  • Anthony (about a month ago)

    May all become compassionate and wise.

  • Deanna (about a month ago)

    Go for it!!!

  • Thomas (about a month ago)

    Surpass your goal! I loved to read at an early age.

  • Anonymous (about a month ago)

    Bless you and your loving contribution to the world!????

  • Kate (about a month ago)

    Hi Aysia - thank you for sharing your love of learning!

  • Armand (about a month ago)

    All the best to you Aysia. Your dad has been a big source of joy in our lives.

  • Mary (about a month ago)

    Good work! You are prosperous! And so is your Dad!

  • Marie (about a month ago)

    Yay! Happy reading

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Number of pledges received: 23
Goal achievement: 305%
Number of page visits: 266
Days since event: 48

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